BWH Internal Medicine Residents Visit D.C. for Health Policy Tour

BWH residents and Management Leadership Track leaders with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (center, back row).


Science and Curiosity Save Patient’s Life

Steven Keating had no idea that a brain scan he volunteered for in 2007 would end up saving his life.


BWHC Partners eCare 90-Day Readiness Session

On Feb. 27, approximately 300 senior leaders, department managers, practice managers, and physician and nursing champions from across BWHC came together for the Partners eCare 90-day readiness session.


BWHer Prepares to Run Her Second Boston Marathon

Thoracic Surgery physician assistant Wendy Canty, PA-C, is running this year’s Boston Marathon as a member of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Marathon team.


Link Between Genetics and Clinical Response to Warfarin Uncovered

In a study published in The Lancet on March 10, researchers from BWH reported that patients with a genetic sensitivity to warfarin—the most widely used drug for preventing blood clots—have higher rates of bleeding during the first several months of treatment.


Balloons and Stents: Achieving Savings on Coronary Arterial Devices

As part of Partners’ commitment to improve patient affordability by seeking savings and efficiencies while maintaining quality, a team worked to reduce spending on balloons and stents used as part of angioplasty and similar procedures.

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