Wendy Canty

Wendy Canty

Thoracic Surgery physician assistant Wendy Canty, PA-C, is running this year’s Boston Marathon as a member of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Marathon team. Her motivation: a passion for running and the excitement and energy of the Boston Marathon.

“I look forward to the crowd because the Marathon draws so many unique people,” said Canty.

Canty’s first time running the Boston Marathon was in 2010, while she was working as an MRI technologist. That’s when she fell in love with the Marathon and the BWH team.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Canty. “We had a great group, and fundraising went really well.”

Later in 2011, while training for her second Marathon, Canty was injured and had to sit out the race, but that didn’t stop her from supporting the team. She attended every practice and cheered her team members on from the sidelines on Marathon Day.

“It was important that I showed my support to the team and continued fundraising even if I couldn’t run,” she said.

This year, Canty is running to raise awareness for cancer research, a topic close to her heart, as many of her family members have been affected by cancer.

“This race is a great way to help fund research and be a positive figure in my community,” said Canty.

The weather has proven to be a challenge for Canty and the team this year. While this winter’s heavy snowfall has made organizing team runs difficult, the runners still managed to meet every Saturday at 7:30 a.m. for their long runs.

As a veteran runner, Canty predicts the long stretch over Heartbreak Hill will be the hardest part of the race for her. That’s where she usually hits “a wall” and feels like she can’t go any further.

“At that point, I really rely on the crowd for support, and it helps knowing that my family is waiting for me at the finish line,” she said. She advises fellow runners to rely on the crowd for encouragement and remember to have fun out there on the route.

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