Doing whatever it takes to deliver patient-centered care. A lifesaving decision by two friends. A final act of exemplary compassion and kindness. These actions and qualities inspired a multidisciplinary committee to select two individuals and two teams — all of whom were previously nominated for the Brigham Way — for one-time spot bonuses in recognition of their extraordinary efforts.

The Brigham Way is an employee-appreciation campaign established to recognize staff who foster a culture of excellence, respect and professionalism by going above and beyond their duties to create an exceptional Brigham Experience for patients, families and colleagues.

All Brigham Way nominees are celebrated at quarterly luncheons with Brigham President Robert S.D. Higgins, MD, MSHA. Each calendar year, a Brigham Way Bonus Selection Committee recommends one individual and one team of five or fewer whose outstanding contributions are deserving of a one-time spot bonus. In recognition of an especially impressive collection of nominees this year, two individuals and two teams were selected to receive bonuses.

“Day in and day out, our fantastic staff make the Brigham a special place for patients, families and colleagues alike. We, the entire leadership team, are delighted to recognize these individuals and teams for their outstanding commitment to our mission. They exemplify what it truly means to live our values.”

Kristen Sullivan, a practice manager in the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, said it was an honor to have her contributions recognized through the Brigham Way campaign and be named a recipient of the spot bonus.

“I have the privilege of working alongside exemplary physicians, allied health professionals, nurses and administrative leaders. It is their commitment to serving our youngest, most fragile patients and their families that truly inspires me,” she said. “I witness excellence in these folks every day, and it inspires me to go above and beyond for our patients. One of my favorite quotes is from Desmond Tutu, who says, ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.’”

Learn more about the 2022 winners in the words of their nominators:

Cardiac Sonographers, Echo Team

From left: Robert S.D. Higgins and Faranak Farrohi, chief cardiac sonographer, with honorees Amanda Murphy, Sylwia Marciniak, Brenda Docktor and Justin Cheng (not pictured: Samantha Hayes)

“This team of hardworking, compassionate and kind sonographers has been front and center since the pandemic. They stay late to finish the job, come in early and work voluntarily on weekends to support our Dana-Farber outpatient requests. Despite facing staffing challenges for two years, the team has gone above and beyond with a smile to support BWH and our patients.”

Yaguang Pei and Anand Somasundaram, Medical Dosimetrists, Department of Radiation Oncology 

From left: Anand Somasundaram, Tony Orlina, Yaguang Pei and Robert S.D. Higgins

“Yaguang and Anand saved the life of their friend and colleague, Tony Orlina, when they decided to check on him at home after he didn’t show up for work one day. As it turned out, Tony experienced a ruptured aneurysm and collapsed at his apartment, where he lives alone. They brought him to the Brigham Emergency Department, where he was rushed into emergency neurosurgery and received lifesaving care. Their friendship and story are so touching and truly exemplify what it means to care for one another!”

Helen Smith, Senior Access Facilitator, Patient Access

“Helen, who has worked here for over 40 years, worked diligently to make sure a man who spent over five weeks in the morgue had a place to be laid to rest. She went the extra mile to find the man’s next of kin and contacted a local funeral home to make arrangements. She truly embodies the standards of BWH. She was determined to make sure this patient’s loved ones were found and he could be laid to rest with dignity.”

Kristen Sullivan, Practice Manager, Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine

“Kristen helps coordinate the Transition to Home program. Recently, Kristen faced administrative staffing challenges, and during this time she did it all. Kristen never lost her smile or her sense of humor, and was always willing to go above and beyond — assisting with cleaning patient rooms, setting up clinic staff for their day’s schedule changes, covering the NICU discharge rounds and going the extra step to make sure the families had all the resources they needed while at home, including going out of her way to pick up a special baby formula from a pharmacy outside of the area so a family could feed their baby until Supply Chain could send it to the BWH Pharmacy.”

If you know a colleague or team of five or fewer who go above and beyond to significantly enhance the Brigham Experience, consider nominating them for the Brigham Way. Nominations for the upcoming March luncheon are due Friday, Feb. 10. Those nominated by this deadline may be eligible for the 2023 one-time spot bonus.* For questions, contact

*Nurses in the collective bargaining unit are not eligible for the one-time spot bonus.