nasal testing for covid

Former Deland Fellow Sherry Yu, MD, and Kevin Giordano demonstrate a COVID-19 nasal swab using a prototype of a B-PROTECTED testing booth.

Like many, my shining moment came during the spring, when our community was facing the incredible challenges posed by the surge of COVID-19. Really, mine are a series of moments, but with one consistent theme: our Deland Administrative Fellows. These fellows, usually fresh out of graduate school and early in their career, spend a year at the hospital providing leadership and support to initiatives across our operations, with projects ranging from implementing clinical process innovations to developing business plans for new programs or services. But in the face of this pandemic, our fellows — Dr. Sherry Yu, Susannah Rudel and Zeyad Tuffaha — had a very different kind of year and were transformed. Sherry was on the evening news, talking about the innovative testing booth she helped design; Susannah was helping lead large teams to ramp up testing for our patients and employees; and Zeyad was like the mayor of the Pike, scaling a distribution structure to deliver salads to staff. Our Deland Fellows are always inspiring and one of my favorite parts of working at the Brigham. Like all of us, they had a very special year, and I am grateful to have been able to witness it.

Bernie Jones, EdM
Vice President, Public Policy
Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer