Physician assistants in PPE

I will never forget the way all our primary care leaders came together to stand up a respiratory clinic during the initial surge of COVID patients. This clinic would not have been possible without my dedicated primary care colleagues, several of whom are physician assistants (PAs), who worked tirelessly at the clinic to see patients and provide the best care possible during a very challenging and scary time.

Another shining moment from this past year for me was the amazing leadership and hard work shown by Cori Kostick, PA-C, and Alyson Bracken, PA-C, who were both instrumental in our community testing response. They were the clinical leads at our ambulatory testing sites, and their leadership made a difference in the lives of thousands of patients in our surrounding communities. Their contributions were truly inspirational.

Michele Elms, PA-C
Chief PA, Primary Care Center of Excellence
Communications Manager, PA Services