two nurses in masksThroughout the almost two and a half months I spent as a nurse on Shapiro 9 West, our first COVID-19 ICU, I met an angel named Lisa Beal. Lisa was an ICU extender and a fellow empathetic soul who helped create one shining moment for our patient.

During a memorable shift, we facilitated an iPad call with his family and quietly wept together as we listened to them pour out their love to the man they called “Husband” and “Dad.” When it was clear he would not survive, Lisa agreed to enter his room with me and hold his hands. We never let go, and 45 minutes later, he passed beyond this world.

The empathy, respect and love that exuded from Lisa and our other COVID ICU nurses was a shining moment in an otherwise dark spring, and I am forever grateful to them.

Stephanie Grande, MSN, RN
ICU Nurse, Braunwald Tower 8CD
COVID ICU Nurse, Shapiro 9 West, March–June 2020