Photo of smiling manBrigham and Women’s Hospital mourns the loss of Woualid Wahnon, a supervisor in Environmental Services, who died Aug. 20 after a sudden illness. He was 45.

A member of the Brigham community for four years, Mr. Wahnon was part of the leadership team responsible for housekeeping and cleaning operations in the Braunwald Tower.

Remembered by many for the personal touch and positivity he brought to the workplace, Mr. Wahnon left a profound impression on his colleagues through both simple gestures and sincere concern for others’ well-being.

“I fondly recall the warm and comforting ‘Good morning, Francisca’ that Woualid used to greet me with every morning. It was truly a delightful way to start the day,” said Francisca Gomes, a Tower unit associate in Environmental Services. “The absence of this cherished routine leaves me with a deep sense of longing for his presence.”

His caring nature also touched the heart of colleague Teresa Gomes, a unit associate on his team.

“Each morning, Woualid would kindly address me by my name. If I looked down or had a sober expression, he asked me with genuine care why that was and would playfully encourage me by saying, ‘Lift up that face, Teresa,’” Gomes recalled. “I was always surprised by how he noticed when nobody else did. Woualid was that close to all his employees, and we miss him a lot.”

Mr. Wahnon was often the first to arrive during the team’s morning shift, and his warmth and optimism set the tone for the day, said Tereza Pereira, team leader in Environmental Services.

“Woualid was more than just a co-worker. He was a friend and beacon of positivity in in our workplace,” she said. “I’ll always remember his smile and unwavering support for everyone around him. His ability to brighten even the toughest of days was truly remarkable. There aren’t many people who can make a day feel different, but he had that gift.”

Supervisor Vilma Vargas agreed: “I have never met anybody like Woualid — so kind and respectful. He will be missed so much.”

Mr. Wahnon had a natural talent for putting others at ease with his reassuring manner, cheerful outlook and contagious smile, said Labina Shrestha, MM, T-CHEST, senior manager in Environmental Services.

“He was such a bright and humble person with heart of gold. Nothing was impossible for him. He always said, ‘I got this, Labina,’ and did an amazing job supporting employees’ and patients’ experiences,” Shrestha said. “He put his heart to his work and created a positive environment for all. He was always there for his team and thinking about how to make things better for them.”

No matter what challenge arose, Mr. Wahnon inspired others with his relaxed and composed approach, said Mohita Gurung, T-CHEST, an education specialist in the department.

“He was always calm and brought positive vibes,” she said. “He would say, ‘Mohita, relax. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.’ I will miss him more than words can express. He was always very supportive and motivating to his co-workers and loved by all staff.”

Marie Brunache, a Tower unit associate, described Mr. Wahnon’s presence in her life as “a gentle touch of warmth and compassion,” one that will be deeply missed.

“Woualid possessed a remarkable ability to engage with his employees in a manner that transcended the ordinary,” she said. “His conversations were an art form — effortlessly coaxing enthusiasm and dedication among his team. In a world often consumed by the fast pace of life, his approach stood as a signal of how genuine connection and respectful leadership can leave an indelible mark.”

For many, Mr. Wahnon was a dear friend and mentor. For some, he was like family.

“Woualid’s significance in my life surpassed the bond of the mere supervisor. He was, in every sense, like a brother from another mother,” said Herminia Gomes, a unit associate on his team. “Each morning, he would say, ‘Good morning, Herminia. How are you?’ It still echoes in my ears — a simple gesture that I will miss forever. As I come to term with his absence, my heart aches with a profound sense of loss. His memory remains alive and vibrant, a testimonial to the profound impact he had in my life and the lives of those fortunate enough to know him.”

He left a similar impression on Carla Alves, also a Tower unit associate.

“Woualid was not only a supervisor. He was like a best friend and family member,” she said. “He taught me so many things in my life. I will miss him forever.”

Mr. Wahnon is survived by his mother, Filomena Fialho; his two children, Aliah and Waisha Wahnon; his brother, Yachine Wahnon; and many more family members and loved ones.