Jaye Hall, our beloved administrative manager in the Department of Emergency Medicine, is always looking for opportunities for her staff. She has been diligently sourcing areas for opportunity and improvement for the administrative staff within the department.

During 2022, she developed the Administrator Academy. The academy is a hybrid-modeled platform that focuses on bridging the gap for employees who may not be exposed to professional development opportunities that are offered to other role groups. With over 10 courses focusing on technical skills, leadership and community-building, the Administrator Academy has become a fun and very needed resource for the department! Open to all, the classes have ranged in size and number. With leaders from our department hosting courses on public speaking, CME and finding your leadership style, everyone walks out with more knowledge than they had before and maybe even with a new friend! Thank you, Jaye, for being a wealth of information and advancement for our staff!

Cassandra ‘Cass’ Georges
Program Manager, Office of IDEaS
Department of Emergency Medicine