The Front-Line Indigenous Partnership program (FLIP), an initiative of the Department of Emergency Medicine, has successfully completed our first year in partnership with Tséhootsooí Medical Center (TMC). Our clinical exchange program is a concerted effort aimed at advancing medical, nursing and technical educational partnerships between Brigham and Women’s Hospital and tribal health care systems in the southwest. To date, over 12 providers from our Emergency Department have completed clinical rotations.

Capturing the heart of the clinical exchange program, TMC physician Dr. Jessica Salamon submitted this touching testimonial: “BWH has joined us at a time when physician staffing in the Emergency Department at TMC has been a challenge, and on multiple occasions, the BWH physicians have altered their schedules and agreed to extra hours to support our team. It has been a pleasure to share the unique challenges and rewards of working in rural medicine with the BWH group, and we have been glad to incorporate new perspectives into our day-to-day in the Emergency Department. It has been a true exchange of ideas and practices in the spirit of providing consistent, quality care to the Navajo population that our hospital serves, and we look forward to working together in the winter months ahead.”

Office of IDEaS and Front-Line Indigenous Partnership Program
Department of Emergency Medicine