From left: Deland Fellows Judah Soray and Jenny (Torres) Azzam

Each summer, the Brigham welcomes a new class of Deland Fellows in Health Care and Society. This one-year administrative experience prepares early-career professionals to lead health care institutions. Each fellow works closely with a member of the senior leadership team who serves as their mentor.

Jenny (Torres) Azzam, MBA

Hometown: Fontana, California

Executive mentor: Christina A. Lundquist, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services, Real Estate and Facility Operations

Previous roles: Clinical Operations Manager at Intelli-Heart Services and, most recently, Performance Excellence Administrative Intern at UCLA Health

What drew you to Brigham? I was initially drawn in by Brigham’s mission and vision of maintaining and restoring health and am particularly intrigued by our value proposition focused on scalable innovation. Brigham and Women’s Hospital is home to some of the most groundbreaking innovations, and as health care continues to evolve, I aim to be part of an institution with an embedded “change culture.” It is clear that the Brigham and Mass General Brigham continuously strive toward advancement for the well-being of our staff and patients as a system. Thus, the Deland Fellowship was the best opportunity to learn from all the brilliant leaders seeking change to build a healthier world.

What projects are you looking forward to working in during your fellowship? Improving access for patients is a driver for me. I am excited to get involved in performance improvement, operations and strategy work, allowing our patients to obtain timely, efficient and high-quality care while also focusing on improving their experience.

Fun fact about you: I am one of those strange individuals who enjoys running ultramarathons for fun!

Judah Soray, MHA, BPharm, CSSGB

Hometown: I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago but have lived in Orlando, Florida, and Bristol, England, before moving to Boston for the fellowship.

Executive mentor: Sunny Eappen, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs

Previous role: I’m a trained pharmacist and worked in the retail setting before pursuing graduate school. Most recently, I interned at the Cleveland Clinic in International Operations.

What drew you to the Brigham? Health care is rapidly evolving, and there are many uncertainties about the future. I feel that the academic health care setting is most agile. With such a rich history of pioneering health care, the Brigham is ready to adapt and cater to future needs. Having met with the outstanding leadership team through the application process, I knew I wanted to join the Brigham and support its many dedicated, highly competent and skilled teams. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with senior leadership across the entire organization and tackle projects that fit both the organization’s mission and my goals were highly motivating.

What types of projects are you looking forward to working on during your fellowship? The collaborations currently underway across Mass General Brigham appeal to me, so I’m very much looking forward to working on areas that can expand access to more integrated care. My skillset plays well into the international services space, and I hope to help expand those efforts of providing care to patients most in need, both within New England and worldwide. I also hope to join our Patient Experience team in striving to improve the care continuum for every single patient, from admission to discharge and beyond. Another aspect of the Brigham I’m very interested in is our approach to climate and sustainability initiatives— mitigating health care’s impact on our environment, reducing our carbon footprint and helping shape a more environmentally conscious health care industry.

Fun fact about you: I hold nationality in three different countries: Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and the United States​

To learn more about the Deland Fellowship, visit or attend an upcoming information session on Aug. 15, noon–1 p.m., or Sept. 12, 2–3 p.m.