This year, we were honored to partner with SOAR Natick to sponsor their exhibit of 2,104 purple flags on the Stoneman Centennial Park to recognize National Recovery Month. Each flag represented someone who died from an opioid overdose in Massachusetts in the prior year. Several people from the hospital helped put up the exhibit, which was both heartbreaking and inspirational. The heartbreak was obvious: every flag we put up represented someone from our small state who had their life needlessly taken because of opioid overdose. These flags eventually covered most of the lawn to create a sea of purple: the color of recovery. The inspiration came from so many members of the community and hospital who came together not only to put up the exhibit, but to renew their commitment towards helping individuals struggling with opioid use disorder.   

Scott Weiner, MD, MPH
Department of Emergency Medicine 

One Response to “Honoring National Recovery Month Through an Act of Inspiration”

  1. Naomi Fox

    It is sad,indeed,for someone to succumb to this tragedy.
    How honorable for the Brigham to acknowledge them.
    May they rest in peace

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