I am a proud member of the Brigham’s thriving Physician Assistant (PA) community. In the last two years, I have been floored by our collective devotion to patients, academia and one another during the trying times that the COVID-19 pandemic has led. We’ve observed no shortage of clinicians going above and beyond during this period, but my most heartfelt moments have been amongst my colleagues, the PAs. Spanning across every medical specialty, I’ve witnessed PAs dedicating themselves to COVID-19 education in preparation to cross-cover areas in most need during the surge. As we enter yet another wave of COVID-19 with the Omicron variant, I have no doubt of our advanced team’s capabilities. It has been an honor to work alongside such incredible humans with a shared commitment to exceptional, selfless and equal care for all, a mission we all stand behind. 

Alexis Liakos, PA-C
Associate Chief Physician Assistant, Division of Infectious Diseases