On June 17, Brigham and Women’s Hospital unveiled a new brand and logo, representing a vision for enhanced collaboration with colleagues throughout the Mass General Brigham system for the benefit of patients and their loved ones.

Here are five things to know about the new brand and logo and how they will be implemented at the Brigham. Learn more on PikeNotes.

1. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It is going to take time to switch over to the new identity. Branded items — including websites, internal communication channels, ID badges, printed materials, vehicles, signage, work wear and more — will be updated in phases over the next year. To implement the transition as economically as possible, the Brigham is taking a “deplete and replace” strategy, in which all existing supplies, stationery, etc., with our former brand will be used up before new materials are ordered. There will be a period of time when the new and old logos are used simultaneously, and that is OK.

2. Do Not Alter the Logo

The new icon and logo should not be copied or altered for any purpose. A rebrand team is supporting the rollout of the new logo and will be reaching out to areas across the hospital to inventory items that need rebranding. Any item that needs rebranding will be managed centrally through this team. There is a suite of brand resources, including branded Word documents and PowerPoint templates, available on The Pulse, as well as more information about how to properly use the logo. Learn more about the brand support and approval process on The Pulse.

3. Aligning With our Broader System

Brigham Health will no longer be used as part of the Brigham’s external brand identity, and there will no longer be a Brigham Health logo. In cases where there is a need to formally refer to a program or activities that span across Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital and the Brigham Physicians Organization (BWPO), please write out each institution by name. For internal purposes only, it is acceptable to use the phrase “Brigham family,” when referencing collective work across these entities.

4. A New Email Signature Format Is Available Now

Updating your email signature is an effective way to share who you are, where you work and the work you do. Please take a moment to update your signature in Microsoft Outlook. Directions and guidelines are available on The Pulse to ensure your signature is consistent with the new brand. Work is underway to determine how email signature templates can feature the Harvard brand for employees who are also faculty, staff or students of Harvard Medical School, as well as how the Magnet logo should be added for those employees for whom it is relevant.

5. ID Badges Will Be Updated Soon

In the coming months, employees will receive an overlay, which is a plastic adhesive that will go on top of the existing badge. It will incorporate a new design and contain enhanced security features. For now, staff should continue wearing their ID badge with the current branding. At the appropriate time, employees will be invited to bring their ID badge to a designated area for updating. More information about the badges will be shared when this process is ready to begin.