people sitting at table in masks
My shining moment came each morning during the first surge of COVID-19. Our Incident Command meetings were fairly somber, marked by increasing case counts and plans to ensure our supplies of personal protective equipment were sufficient in the face of challenged supply chains, among the many challenges we faced on a nearly constant basis. But each meeting also included a report on the incredible work we were doing in our local communities to provide testing, perform social determinants of health screenings, provide food and care kits and, eventually, register people to vote.

The numbers rose each day — this time, in a good way. We counted the number of people we were able to help, all of whom were from among Boston’s hardest-hit neighborhoods and were receiving those services in their very own communities. I couldn’t be prouder of the incredible, multidisciplinary team leading those efforts and to be part of the amazing Brigham community behind them. In the face of so many unknowns and new hurdles to clear, this daily example of how we — as a Brigham community — can make a difference in our neighbors’ lives as we work toward our vision of a healthier community and a healthier world.

Shelly Anderson, MPM
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer