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Feedback from staff shows a preference for the pull-down mask dispensers currently in use at the employee entrances at the Brigham.

Over the past few months, the Brigham has been testing different methods for dispensing hospital masks at employee entrances, open mask “tree” racks and closed pull-down dispensers, with the goal of identifying a permanent fixture that is safe, efficient and creates the best flow for employees and patients as they enter the building.

While both options have been reviewed and deemed safe by our Infection Control experts, feedback from staff indicates that employees prefer the pull-down mask dispensers over the “tree” racks. Pull-down dispensers are currently in use at both the employee entrances and the patient entrances.

As a result of the feedback from employees, all mask dispensers at the main campus and the larger ambulatory sites will be transitioned to the new pull-down model as the dispensers become available.

Please remember:

  • All employees are given one hospital-issued procedural mask to wear upon entering the facility at the start of their shift.
  • Staff are only eligible to receive an additional mask if the one they were given has ripped and/or is visibly soiled.
  • When taking a mask from the pull-down dispenser, the dispenser itself should not be touched.

2 Responses to “Safe Care Commitment Update: Mask Dispensers”

  1. me

    i was never included or informed of a ” mask feedback” survey…when did this survey go out?

    • BWH Strategic Communication

      Thanks for your question. No formal surveys were conducted. The Attestation and COVID Ops teams reviewed feedback that staff shared in person at employee entrances and via email. If you would like to share feedback with the team, please feel free to send it to


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