Illustration of person in mask and text reading We protect everyone in our environment

Proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE) are key to the protection of our staff and patients, and more critical than ever in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure our staff are educated and prepared to properly don and doff PPE, the Brigham is introducing a new online HealthStream course that will be required for all employees who have been FIT tested. The new course, which only takes 15–20 minutes to complete, will be available starting Monday, Aug. 24. FIT-tested staff will need to complete the course by Wednesday, Sept. 23. New employees will complete the course as part of their new hire orientation program.

“This new approach to training helps us meet our Safe Care Commitment even in a time of constraints on supplies and staff time,” said Eric Goralnick, MD, MS, medical director of Emergency Preparedness and the Access Center for Brigham Health, who was involved in the creation of the course. “We hope this additional training will reinforce everyone’s knowledge of donning/doffing and continue to allow us to keep all staff and patients safe.”