A new tented dining area in the Cohn Courtyard brings al fresco seating options to Shattuck Street.

Update on Eating Spaces, April 22, 2021:

Map showing updated dining spaces, effective April 22, 2021. (Click image to enlarge.)

To uphold our Safe Care Commitment, and in response to concerns expressed by Brigham patients and employees, the seating along the windows on the second floor of Shapiro will be designated as a no eating or drinking zone, effective Monday, April 26.




Update on Eating Spaces, April 6, 2021:

New Designated Dining Spaces Now Available

Map showing updated dining spaces, effective April 6, 2021. (Click image to enlarge.)

Regardless of vaccination status, all staff are expected to follow the guidelines for behaviors that are part of our Safe Care Commitment while on campus.

The Brigham has a number of designated dining areas to ensure staff have safe spaces for eating and drinking where appropriate physical distancing can be maintained.

In addition to the Adirondack chairs that have returned to the lawn in the Stoneman Centennial Park, staff are also encouraged to use these newly designated dining areas:

  • Shapiro 3 Terrace (at the top of the escalator) — safely seats five people
  • Duncan Reid — safely seats 20 people

Please note, the Anesthesia conference room is no longer a designated dining space.

Update on Eating Spaces, Dec. 10, 2020:

Designated dining areas provide safe spaces for eating and drinking where you can maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Map showing updated dining spaces, effective Dec. 10, 2020. (Click image to enlarge.)

Effective Thursday, Dec. 10:

  • The seating area on the first floor of Hale will be closing so that we can convert this space to become a vaccination clinic.
  • The following spaces will become available for dining:
    • Wolf conference room on the third floor of the Hale Building for Transformative Medicine
    • Seating along the windows on the second floor of Shapiro (please face the window while eating)

As a reminder, when using these spaces, please do not move the furniture. Additional designated dining spaces are available in locations across the hospital. See the updated map showing dining areas as well as study and work spaces.

Update on Eating Spaces, Nov. 2, 2020:

New seating has been added to the following area:

  • Outside of the Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women and Newborns, adjacent to the security desk, lower Pike

See the updated map showing dining areas as well as study and work spaces.

Update on Eating Spaces, Oct. 8, 2020:

To ensure staff can maintain appropriate physical distance while eating, we continue to add seating.

  • The Brigham Education Institute (BEI) on the first floor of Thorne, room 127d, is now available for any employee to eat and work between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Reserve a space at the BEI.
  • The seating area of the Garden Café will now remain open 24/7. (Food service hours will remain the same, 6:30 a.m. through 8 p.m.)
  • The Anesthesia Conference Room on L1 is now available for eating.

See the updated map showing dining areas as well as study and work spaces.

The story below was posted on Aug. 12, 2020:

In response to the need to maintain appropriate physical distance while eating, seating has been adjusted in the Brigham’s three main dining areas — the Garden Café, the 45 Francis St. lobby and the Hale Building Atrium — and signage has been added to these locations to ensure safe, individual dining.

In addition, alternative dining areas have been set up in several other areas throughout the main campus. Outdoor seating is available at:

  • Stoneman Centennial Park at 15 Francis St.: 22 new seats
  • Cohn Courtyard on Shattuck Street: 28 new seats
  • Hale Building, open space along the extension of Binney Street: eight new seats
  • Hale Building, third-floor rooftop garden: seven new seats.

Indoors, additional seating has been created along the Pike before the Shapiro Bridge and in the Shapiro Building.

New and Ongoing Dining Options

The Garden Café, the Coffee Connection, Au Bon Pain, and Pat’s Place remain available to patients, visitors and staff. Au Bon Pain is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Garden Café’s evening hours have been reduced, but a new Evening Delivery Service is available to staff Monday through Friday, 6 to 10 p.m. The online menu features freshly grilled sandwiches, pizzas, premium entree salads, bottled beverages and snacks. This program will deliver to any area on the main campus.

Map of dining areas and quiet spaces (updated Nov. 3, 2020): Click image to enlarge.

In addition, a new Meals to Go food and beverage kiosk opened on the Pike near the Shapiro Bridge to help reduce waiting times in the Garden Café. It is open Monday through Friday, 2 to 7:45 p.m., and offers beverages, snacks, soups, salads and complete entrees to go. There is also a 24-hour Micro Mart available to all badged employees on the third floor of the Hale Building, where staff can purchase packaged snacks, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, bottled beverages, frozen microwaveable food and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. Additional locations for grab-and-go food are being considered.

Another exciting addition is the arrival of food trucks to the main campus. As part of the Brigham’s Safe Care Commitment to provide options for both food and seating outside during the warmer months, local food trucks will be visiting the Brigham over the next several weeks and serving up delicious meals and snacks.

The trucks will be parked in the Cohn Courtyard, located on Shattuck Street behind the 75 Francis St. main lobby, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. As with all dining spaces on campus, please remember to wear a mask and maintain physical distance from others while waiting in line and dining in the Cohn Courtyard.

Tower Catering

The Tower Catering department at the Brigham has reimagined its offerings to provide safe, high-quality service during the pandemic. All items are individually wrapped:

  • Traditional sandwiches and specialty salad entrees
  • “In the bag” lunches, ready for grab-and-go dining
  • Individually packaged hot entrees in microwavable containers

Customized menus are also available.

To support physical distancing, consider the following ideas when menu planning:

  • Afternoon treats, including ice cream novelties for departments
  • Meals delivered to a central location that can be picked up before or after a meeting
  • “Thank you” snack baskets for departments
  • Individual hot entrees, ready to eat or can be microwaved to enjoy later
  • Individual treat baskets delivered to a staff work station
  • Morning starter breakfast with individually packaged pastries, yogurt parfaits, fruit cups and beverages

Reach out to Tower Catering directly to customize your needs. Orders can be placed by visiting bwh.catertrax.com or by calling Tower Catering at 617-732-8899. For customized items, contact John Lew at 617-732-5539 or jalew@partners.org.

Ensuring Quiet Work Spaces

The availability of quiet space for staff to study, work and eat has also been affected by physical distancing measures and limits on room occupancy. In response, alternative quiet work spaces are being created across campus.

  • The Zinner Board Room in the Shapiro Building will be available to all staff for quiet study (eating is allowed) from 8 to 10:30 a.m. and noon to 3 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The Bornstein Auditorium will be reserved and available to all staff at certain times of the day for quiet work/study. More details will be provided soon.

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    It would be nice if some of these options were available to those of us working at 850 Boylston St in Chestnut Hill. We would love it if one of the food trucks came to this location on occasion. Who can we appeal to to make this happen?


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