Facing down a fast-moving pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus and entirely new disease — one without a proven treatment or cure — the Brigham’s Infectious Diseases specialists and Infection Control team devoted countless hours to lending their expertise to every aspect of the institution’s response. Three clinicians at the forefront of these efforts reflect on their experiences during this unprecedented time.

Meghan Baker, MD, ScD


“Despite the unprecedented stress and challenge of the situation, I will remember how the hospital came together during this time. Many took on roles that were very different from their usual work, and I was amazed at the selflessness, energy and dedication of the hospital community.”

— Meghan Baker, MD, ScD



Michael Klompas, MD, MPH“COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Our work, our homes, our spaces, our assumptions and how we spend our time have all fundamentally changed. But one thing that has not changed has been our commitment to one another. Our care, concern and kindnesses to one another have only increased during this pandemic. This has been what has sustained me throughout this pandemic and continues to inspire and strengthen me.  Thank you to all.”

— Michael Klompas, MD, MPH



Rhee_resized“I will never forget the sense of enormity of the task that faced us in the early days of the pandemic in preparing to care for COVID-19 patients while controlling the spread of infection and keeping our staff safe. I will also remember the countless infection control-related challenges we encountered along the way, including PPE shortages, limited testing capacity, need for more airborne-infection isolation rooms, changing public health guidance and our incomplete but evolving knowledge of COVID-19 epidemiology and transmission. Most memorable, however, is the dedication, selflessness, comradery and shared sense of purpose I witnessed from the Incident Command team and the many other people involved in the hospital’s response.”

— Chanu Rhee, MD, MPH