Did reading this year’s collection of One Shining Moment submissions in Brigham Bulletin inspire you to share your own? There’s still time to contribute! Simply use the comment box below to share a Brigham moment from the past year that you found touching, meaningful or made you feel proud to be part of the Brigham community.

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2 Responses to “Want to Share a Shining Moment? Add Yours Here”

  1. Gloria Rosario-Ruiz

    My shining moment was seeing my granddaughter being born in CWN . She turned 1 this year these thanks are well over due and it is hard to get workers names because everyone is working so hard in the delivery room doing what they do best .Marcia Dupre is one of the nurses I remember the most and I’m sorry if I misspelled her name ,and the surgeons, anesthesiologist , Techs were so magnificent. God Bless them all. I am enjoying little Ori every chance I can get.
    Thank you all
    Gloria Rosario-Ruiz

  2. Kristi Lutjelusche

    My shining moment started on April 15, 2019-my start date at BWH. I joined a team of the most warm and welcoming people, and by the end of my first week, I was-and remain-so proud to be a part of the overall BWH team providing top notch patient care. As a leader/manager, I hope to do justice every day by those who report to me and especially for our patients. As a team, we have done and continue to do a lot of learning together This team has been accepting and enthusiastic about my ideas/experience and I am equally inspired every day by them. I’m not entirely sure who saved who in my situation! The support throughout all of Radiology has been tremendously positive and this holiday season, I know that I have found my people and am so grateful to be here with this amazing team in this phenomenal institution. I look forward to a fantastic 2020!


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