The room was a little bit smaller and the confetti cannons were replaced by a massive balloon drop, but the feeling was definitely the same — a heady blend of pride and elation. David McCready, MBA, MHA, president of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (BWFH), and I were flanked by Maddy Pearson, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Brigham Health’s chief nursing officer and senior vice president of Clinical Services, and Cori Loescher, BSN, MM, RN, NEA-BC, chief nursing office and vice president of Patient Care Services at BWFH, near the front of a room filled with enthusiastic nurses, physicians and other staff. There was an electrifying sense of anticipation as we waited for the Magnet leadership to relay the outcome of BWFH’s Magnet application. Upon hearing the words “I am pleased and honored to be the one to congratulate you all,” the room erupted with elation, relief and a deep sense of accomplishment.

As was the case for our Magnet process at BWH, we knew all along that BWFH was a Magnet-worthy institution. Our patients, their families and our employees tell us this every day. But also like the Magnet process at BWH, this moment was not simply about the outcome, but rather the journey of working together to identify, lift up and celebrate the amazing care we provide each and every day. There were very few dry eyes in the room at that moment of such great accomplishment and pride in our nurses and the entire BWFH team, and mine were certainly not among them.

Ron M. Walls, MD
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer