milestone maker Jamil Brittingham

Jamil Brittingham

Jamil Brittingham, a unit coordinator on Braunwald Tower 11D, was recently recognized for completing the Brigham’s 200,000th hand hygiene observation since June 2018 as part of  For All the Lives We Touch, the institution’s public awareness campaign around hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene is a critical part of preventing hospital-acquired infections, and all faculty, staff and trainees are accountable for ensuring hand hygiene compliance. Using a mobile app called SpeedyAudit, volunteer auditors such as Brittingham observe whether their colleagues perform proper hand hygiene — either by rubbing their hands with sanitizer or washing their hands with soap and water — upon entering or exiting a patient’s room. The auditor then gives feedback to acknowledge the performance of or lack of compliance with the protocol.

Brittingham was honored on Nov. 15 during the hospital’s Daily Safety Huddle, where he was presented with a gift basket of hand sanitizers and campaign giveaways.


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