Natalie Artzi, PhD, a bioengineer in the Division of Engineering in Medicine, was awarded this year’s $100,000 BRIght Futures Prize to advance her work to use nanotechnology to increase survival rates and minimize the side effects of treatment among children with brain cancer.

Capping off Discover Brigham on Nov. 7, Artzi’s win marked a banner year for the competition in terms of voter participation. Attracting a total of 40,000 votes from around the world, this year’s BRIght Futures Prize competition achieved its highest-ever number of ballots.

Now in its eighth year, the BRIght Futures Prize competition invites the Brigham community and the public to vote for one of three investigators to support a groundbreaking research project designed to translate scientific discovery into clinical therapies. Awarded annually by the Brigham Research Institute (BRI), the BRIght Futures Prize supports Brigham investigators as they work to answer provocative questions or solve vexing problems in medicine.