Zeyad Tuffaha

Zeyad Tuffaha

Each summer, Brigham Health welcomes a new class of Deland Fellows in Health Care and Society. This one-year administrative experience prepares early-career professionals to be leaders of health care institutions. Fellows work closely with a member of the senior leadership team who serves as their mentor.

This is the last in a three-part Brigham Bulletin series introducing this year’s Deland Fellows.

Name: Zeyad Tuffaha, MHA, LEED AP, EDAC

Hometown: Amman, Jordan

Executive mentor: Julia Sinclair, MBA, Senior Vice President, Inpatient and Clinical Services

Previous role:  Hospital designer

What drew you to the Brigham?

I heard about the Brigham while I was doing my master’s and the name kept popping up in our class discussions of case studies and innovative hospitals. The size and significance of research and the innovative technologies being used here excited me, and I wanted to be a part of it. I was also attracted to Boston; it’s a beautiful and walkable city with a lot of history, and the opportunity to live here seemed like a great prospect.

What are you looking forward to working on?

International strategy. The Brigham and Partners HealthCare are big enough to expand globally, and I’m interested to learn about how we strategize on an international level. My background is in consulting and designing hospitals in the Middle East and North Africa region, so it’ll be interesting to learn the process with a different perspective from a provider’s side.

Your dream job

I would like to manage my own team within a consulting capacity. I love working with people, and I enjoy being specialized in an area of expertise. If I can have the opportunity to build my own team and work on multiple challenging and innovative projects across the world, that’ll be a job that motivates and inspires me.

Fun fact about you

I enjoy video games and grew up playing one called Theme Hospital, where you build a hospital and manage patients with comical conditions. What’s interesting is that I grew up to build hospitals on a professional level.


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