Brigham and Women’s Hospital mourns the loss of Dorcas Johnson, BSN, RN, of the Neurosciences Intermediate Care Unit on Braunwald Tower 10CD/12B, who died of cancer in July. She was 38.

Ms. Johnson is remembered for her calm and caring nature, devotion to her patients and colleagues, and her radiant smile. 

“DJ was a caring, loving, kind, quiet and remarkable woman,” said Nina Johnson, BSN, RN. “She dedicated her life to helping others in need. She was loved by many and will be remembered for her friendly, contagious smile, her love and thoughtfulness.”

Longtime colleague Melissa Coughlin, BSN, RN, noted Ms. Johnson’s strong work ethic, reliability and commitment to doing the right thing. 

“She was a quiet, hard worker with the biggest, brightest smile you could ever imagine,” said Coughlin. “Life gave DJ her fair share of obstacles, but she always showed up, stood her ground and did what she thought was right. We need more DJs in this world.”

Ms. Johnson, who joined the Neurosciences Intermediate Care Unit in 2008, was passionate about learning and always eager to attend neurosciences conferences to advance her practice. Outside of the hospital, she enjoyed spending time with loved ones, including her two sons, ages 10 and 3, and spoke often of them to her colleagues.

“I don’t know if she realized how much joy she brought to others when she was telling a delightful story about her boys,” said Monica Aurilio, BSN, RN, nurse-in-charge. “She had a soft, heartfelt laugh and an amazing sense of humor.”

Ms. Johnson’s colleagues cared so deeply for her that they went to great lengths to make her comfortable while she was at home toward the end of her illness. 

Nurses and patient care assistants (PCAs) on the unit would visit Ms. Johnson to bathe her twice a day, cook for her family, sing to her and take her to church when she was well enough. They also established a GoFundMe page on her behalf and stayed with her while her family took Ms. Johnson’s sons on a weekend away. 

“Such sacred care was given to one of our own,” said Siobhan Raftery, BSN, RN, CNRN, assistant nursing director. “These nurses and PCAs went diligently every day to make sure our beloved DJ was clean, comfortable and not alone. They are part of a culture on 10CD/12B that knows no bounds on how to care for one another. ‘We Care’ is the Brigham way, and this is clearly their way.”

Ms. Johnson is survived by her husband, Eric Lindsey; sons, Nathaniel and Daniel Lindsey; and other loved ones and friends. 


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