Annual TB Screening Requirement Changes

Based on new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Brigham will no longer require annual tuberculosis (TB) testing for all personnel, effective immediately. A very small group of providers will still need annual screening, which Occupational Health Services (OHS) will coordinate with their managers. OHS will continue to screen new hires for TB, and it will also continue to require TB screening for any personnel with known exposure to a person with active TB disease. If you have any questions, please contact Carin Bennett-Rizzo in OHS at 617-732-6131. Learn more.

Photography/Filming Policy Updated

The Brigham has updated Administrative Policy 2.1.5, “Photography, Audio, Video Recording and Interviewing of Patients for Non-Clinical and Non-Research Purposes.” All personnel must review this policy, available on Ellucid, and complete a related HealthStream training module. To view the policy and learn more, visit For questions or to report a concern, contact the Privacy Office at 617-582-5201 or

New Bloodborne Pathogen Poster Available

Occupational Health Services has updated its bloodborne pathogen poster, which provides employees with information about the immediate steps to take if they are exposed to a bloodborne pathogen. This poster should be visible in all areas or departments where employees have the risk of exposure to a bloodborne pathogen. Risks may include splashes and sharp injuries. Click here to view and print an updated poster from your computer or to learn how to order a copy from The Print House.

Try the Updated Wayfinding Tool

Complete with a new, sleek, responsive design, the Brigham’s web-based wayfinding tool has been updated with a more user-friendly menu system, real-time suggested search results, Google Maps integration and more. If you’ve ever tried to give someone directions at Brigham only to realize you weren’t entirely sure how to guide them, the Brigham wayfinding tool is for you. Using any desktop or mobile browser, visit and select or type in your starting point and destination to receive turn-by-turn directions.