Tim Ewing

Tim Ewing delivers a presentation during Quality Rounds.

On May 10, Quality Rounds provided an opportunity for Brigham faculty and staff to discuss the critical intersection of identity and patient care as part of our overall Brigham Experience work, which comprises the patient and employee experiences.

Tim Ewing, PhD, vice president of employee diversity, inclusion and experience, kicked off the discussion by describing how his own sense of self cannot be fully gleaned from appearances alone.

“I’m 6-foot-6 and I’ve never played basketball. I’m also a learned extrovert; I get a great deal of energy by being alone and recharging, but because I have a sister who is a Broadway actress, I learned how to be an extrovert so that I could be heard,” he said.

We pursue excellence logoIn the context of patient care, understanding the role of identity is crucial to delivering high-quality care and cultivating an environment where people feel respected, Ewing added. For example, when caring for a transgender patient, asking their preferred pronoun is an important, meaningful gesture that builds trust and helps prevent a potentially trauma-inducing experience for the patient.

“There are coatings on our eyeglass lenses that shape how we view the world,” Ewing explained during a thought-provoking presentation.

Attendees were also invited to introduce themselves and use guided talking points, such as, “If you really knew me, you would know that…” to explore the concept of establishing high-quality connections in small groups.

To watch Quality Rounds, visit bwhedtech.partners.org/programs/quality.