An artist’s rendering illustrates the Pike’s upcoming coastalthemed area, which will be located near Bornstein Amphitheater.

An artist’s rendering illustrates the Pike’s upcoming coastal-themed area, which will be located near Bornstein Amphitheater.

You may have noticed a few changes along the Pike recently, including the addition of seating alcoves and nature-themed designs. Kicked off two years ago by the Brigham’s Planning and Construction team, the project is part of a larger effort to make it easier for patients, visitors and staff to navigate the hospital and to create a more welcoming and soothing environment.

As part of the new design, six areas are designed to correspond to a scene in nature, such as a forest, pond or wheat field. Seating alcoves within these areas will provide places for patients and families to relax in a peaceful setting as they traverse the Pike.

“We wanted to brighten up the Pike by bringing a sense of nature into the building,” said Bea Gomez, senior project manager of Real Estate. “Giving patients, families and staff a connection to the outdoors while inside was extremely important to us, as research suggests that immersion in nature makes people feel more at ease.”

The improvements are not only exciting to the team executing the work, but also to Brigham patients, families and staff.

“We’ve received feedback from people that the Pike feels more welcoming and accommodating now,” said Steve Dempsey, executive director of Planning and Construction. “We’re excited to continue to look for new opportunities to incorporate nature themes throughout the hospital.”

The team has previously worked on improving design throughout the Brigham with the addition of area platforms overlooking gardens at the Garden Café, as well as the installation of a bright green roof below the windows of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Dempsey credits Brigham Health President Betsy Nabel, MD, with supporting the team’s work to spruce up areas across the main campus. Nabel challenged the group to combine both navigational and welcoming elements in their renovations, a task that Dempsey was eager to take on.
“We’ve been able to successfully put the two concepts together,” said Dempsey. “We’re excited to make it easier for patients to find their way around the Brigham in a more comfortable and peaceful environment.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in February 2019.

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  1. alison

    I love it, it will help people go to a place that is peaceful and will put their mind a ease. excellent choice of picture.


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