Each year, staff are invited to share their “One Shining Moment” for inclusion in a special year-end edition of Brigham Bulletin.

Do you have a Brigham moment or memory from 2018 that makes you proud to be a part of our community? Send your “One Shining Moment” submission and a related photo to BWHBulletin@partners.org by Friday, Dec. 14.

A shining moment can be inspired by something big or small, as long as it is meaningful to you. To view last year’s collection of “One Shining Moment” submissions, click here.

2 Responses to “Call for Submissions: What’s Your ‘One Shining Moment’?”

  1. Janet Moran

    I don’t have a one shining moment, but each day when I walk in those doors, I feel proud of our hospital and all that we offer. I am still thrilled that I get to work here with such wonderful colleagues.

  2. Fareed Al Haddad

    I joined the Brigham family in June 218, I was not involved completely with what the hospital do and most of its activities as I was focusing more on adjusting with the new surrounding and building the team trust in what I am capable to do to help and support.
    Recently I listened to our president, Dr. Nabel, at the staff meeting, I admired her words about the Brigham Experience and her actions to drive the Brigham to excellence; following that I sent her an email with few comments not expecting anything but she replied to me… that exact moment when I saw her name in my inbox, that moment made me feel so proud as I realized that the leadership believe in the set values for the Brigham, WE CARE AND WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

    I am lucky and proud to be at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital!

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