Hospital senior leaders and Environmental Services staff unveil the department’s “We Are Environmental Services” poster.

Recently, Loay Kitmitto, CMIP, director of Environmental Services, turned an idea into reality for his team. Displayed on the wall outside the Environmental Services office on the Lower Pike is a large framed image depicting the “roof” of the Brigham’s strategy house, which outlines the institution’s mission, vision and values. Surrounding the graphic are signatures belonging to Environmental Services staff, signifying their commitment to the Brigham’s patients, their families and each other.

Kitmitto, who spearheaded the project, and his colleague Mostafa Boudal, manager of Environmental Services, wanted members of their team to understand how valued they are and the vital role they play in the patient experience. A headline above the image reflects this pride, stating “We Are Environmental Services.”

“These folks are some of the unsung heroes of our hospital. They are part of the care team for patients,” said Kitmitto, who oversees housekeeping, grounds maintenance, waste management and the unit associate program across BWH’s main and distributed campuses. “I am proud of each one of them for what they do each day to support the Brigham and make sure all areas are safe and clean.”

Earlier this month, Kitmitto and Boudal, along with several Environmental Services staff members, unveiled the framed image for senior leaders, including Ron M. Walls, MD, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Brigham Health; David McCready, senior vice president for Surgical, Procedural and Imaging Services, and Facilities and Operations; and George Player, CPE, FMA, vice president for Facilities and Operations.

Walls thanked the staff for their dedication to the Brigham. “I am so proud of our Environmental Services team members, who are role models for all of us here,” he said. “Every one of us needs to find our own way to bring the Brigham’s mission and values to life.”

McCready agreed, noting how critical the department’s role is to the entire hospital.

“Our Environmental Services colleagues are clearly proud of the Brigham, and we are all equally proud of them,” McCready said. “I’m so impressed by Loay and Mostafa’s leadership on this, and by their staff’s rock-solid commitment to our mission.”

During the brief unveiling, Environmental Services marveled at the sea of signatures and smiled as they spotted a colleague’s name or their own.

As Player admired the image, he said it’s an excellent reminder of why BWHers come to work each day: to provide patients and their families with the best possible care experience.

“It means a lot to have our employees sign their names on this board,” Player said. “I want each of them to know that we appreciate their incredible work and value their unwavering dedication to the Brigham.”

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  1. Tracey

    Kudos to you Loay! I have walked by display several times. It was a marvelous idea! Environmental Service employees are indeed hard workers, and wholeheartedly deserve recognition. Over the years they have gone above and beyond in responding to numerous concerns. I’m thrilled to see this featured blog for such a considerate and dedicated staff!

    Many thanks!


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