Witnessing OB Anesthesiology Fellows’ Superb Teaching in Action

Earlier this month, the Obstetrics (OB) Anesthesiology fellows put together an in-situ simulation drill for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Amber Benhardt, MD, Naida Cole, MD, Kyle Jespersen, MD, Chaim Nelson, MD, Sharon Reale, MD, and Jess Wrobel, MD, ran the exercise in a Labor and Delivery unit operating room.

I watched them set up the room with detailed props, enact a scenario with residents and then debrief about the salient points of PPH management. 

As their program director, I was proud to see their refined teaching skills in action. They improve safety and enrich the learning environment at BWH every day, and we are lucky to have them.

Michaela Farber, MD, MS
Associate chief, OB Anesthesiology, and fellowship
program director, OB Anesthesiology, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

One Response to “Witnessing OB Anesthesiology Fellows’ Superb Teaching in Action”

  1. Lucille Ceruzzi

    As Jessica wrobel,s grandmother , I’m very proud of her accomplishments! she is very dedicated to her career as an anesthesiologist as was her dad! I’m in my 90,s now and not very proficient in texting,but doing my best. Thank you for letting me have my say in this regard. Sincerely, Lucille Ceruzzi (mrs louis Ceruzzi)



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