From left: Sharon Dickinson, Shirronda Almeida, Valerie Gaines, Annie Kelly, Mike Irish, Paula Maier, Joe Francoeur, Pilar Vacas Annette Mitko, Nancy Webber, Barbara Melanson, Karen Price and Alfreda Stokes, at the team’s retreat in October

The 60 volunteers who support our Reiki Service go the extra mile every week to bring a moment of peace to our patients. Many have full-time jobs in addition to their volunteer work. Some choose to spend their retirement years giving their time. Others are juggling busy family schedules in order to bring the gift of reiki here. Some volunteers travel more than an hour each way to get here.

One reiki volunteer faithfully shows up for her regular shift and then also comes in for extra time to provide reiki for staff. Another volunteer always has encouraging words for other team members. One individual had previously received such compassion as a patient and, after being so moved by the provider’s caring and concern, eventually became a volunteer to “give back.” Another loves providing reiki so much that she volunteers at two hospitals.

I am continually inspired by the generosity, caring and creativity of our volunteers.

Sharon Dickinson
Program coordinator, Reiki Service

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