It was an early, cloudy Tuesday morning like any other that we gathered for a meeting. Our research team had recently expanded, and we soon realized there were now too many of us to fit in our principal investigator’s office. However, that did not deter us, as you can tell by the photo, which shows our Urology research team at our weekly meeting regarding ongoing projects. Some of us sat on the floor while others stood by the wall, but everyone was ready to provide the input we needed to move our projects forward.

In addition to depicting the passion of our team, this picture also illustrates diversity at the Brigham. Physicians and researchers from four continents squeezed into this room to discuss approaches and methods to improve the delivery of health services in surgical sciences and make health care more equitable. This photo is close to my heart, and I refer to it often. It illustrates our team spirit and reminds us of why we do what we do.

Junaid Nabi
Senior Project Manager, Division of Urology