A few weeks ago, I met a family who arrived here from the country of my birth, Trinidad and Tobago, seeking medical care for their child, who was very ill. Shortly after this had occurred, my neighbor asked me if I was willing to host a mutual friend’s family who was coming to Boston for medical care at BWH. Little did I know at the time that these moments were connected.

Later that day at work, after talking with my neighbor, I briefly saw the family I had met from Trinidad and Tobago when they arrived at BWH. Something inside told me this was the same family my neighbor had told me about. After the family’s next visit, we were able to chat a little more, and we discovered that we shared several relatives.

As it turned out, my newfound relative’s health issues were complex and serious. But thanks to Dr. Steve Singh in Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Jon Wee in Thoracic Surgery and their entire team, the surgery was very successful and she is recovering wonderfully.

It’s moments like this that make me so happy and thankful to be working at BWH and be part of this great institution.

Deborah Nicholas
Patient Access Services