I work for Partners eCare full-time as a trainer supporting Brigham Health. I also work per-diem as a BWH unit coordinator. My shining moment in 2017 occurred when these two roles converged one day.

I was working as a unit coordinator on Tower 12C, and one of our patients was in the midst of a Rapid Response. The responding nurse was having some technical issues with Epic as he initiated a blood transfusion. I called the Help Desk and opened a ticket. As we awaited the response, I realized my Epic knowledge could help resolve the issue. I quickly sanitized, gloved up, put on a precaution gown and a mask prior to entering the patient’s room and proceeded to provide the nurse with directions to fix the technical issue.

My nurse colleague was curious: How did a unit coordinator know how to resolve that problem? I explained that I train new hires in Epic application functionality. I later logged into a training environment and showed him how I fixed the issue in case he encountered it again. I was so happy that I could provide immediate assistance in an urgent situation. Patient care is always the top priority, and I am willing to do anything I can to help.

Tammy Guillery
Credentialed Epic Trainer, Partners eCare