My favorite memory is from the first year the Brigham held a Christmas decorating contest. It was around 2005. One of my co-workers, Erica, asked if I would help her decorate MRI Associates on the Pike. We had a blast! We dragged everyone into participating.

We even saved empty bottles of gadolinium – MRI contrast – that we cleaned, painted, decorated and hung on our office tree as ornaments. The paint wouldn’t dry quickly, so Erica and I both ended up bringing the bottles home to dry them in the oven. What an endeavor! Our husbands thought we were crazy, but they helped us anyway, and MRI on the Pike never looked better for the holiday season. We were all very proud of our efforts, even if we didn’t win the contest. I saved two of the bottles, and I hang them every year on our family Christmas tree.

Therese Winger, RT (R)(MR), Radiologic Technologist, Brigham and Women’s MRI West Bridgewater