There are two main areas of personal satisfaction that have been afforded to me while at the Brigham.

MRI exams may be unpleasant or even frightening experiences for patients – either due to the unknown, claustrophobia or a prior negative experience. A special experience occurs when a patient or family member smiles and comments that they are happy that you are once again performing their exam. This is accomplished by simply, as the Patriots would say, “doing your job,” which is maintaining a professional atmosphere where the patient feels comfortable and protected, and providing images that are of diagnostic quality for the clinicians.

I have also enjoyed being able to observe the transformation of a student technologist assigned to our area into a professional technologist, fully competent and prepared to safely attend to the needs of the patient.

Kenneth Kinser, BS, RT (R) (CT) (MR), MRI Technologist, Department of Radiology

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  1. Martha Vander Vliet

    I know you were a great source of comfort to clinical trial participants who had Alzheimers. I know they were a particularly challenging group. They had so many MRIs that they (and their caregivers) began to request you by name! Thank you for your compassion and dedication and “doing your job”!


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