Internal Medicine residents celebrate their nurse colleagues for their commitment to collaboration and excellence.

When a patient in the Integrated Teaching Unit on Tower 10BA had an allergic reaction to a medication, his care team rushed in to help. Amid the flurry of activity in trying to help the distressed patient, one nurse’s compassionate, calming presence made a lasting impression on Simin Lee, MD, MBA, a first-year resident on rounds.

That nurse was John Solman, RN, who was one of eight Brigham nurses honored during the 17th annual Internal Medicine Nursing Awards on June 8. Residents established the awards to recognize nurses for their commitment to care and mentorship.

“I looked around and John was there, ready to help. He said to me, ‘It’s going to be okay,’” Lee said. “He’s consistently demonstrated that same compassion, warmth and strength with his patients and the people he works with.” Addressing Solmon directly, she added: “It’s such an honor and pleasure to learn from you.”

Jessica Hoy, MD, a third-year resident, nominated nurse care coordinator Caroline Melia, of Brigham and Women’s Primary Care Associates at South Huntington, for the award. “She single-handedly manages our most complex patient cases and navigates the complicated medical system for both patients and providers,” said Hoy. 

Sarah Brown, MD, a fourth-year resident, says the nurses she works with are invaluable mentors in her own education.

“They have been our role models and have taught us a lot of what we know about being physicians and being part of a care team,” said Brown, who served as emcee for the ceremony. “We honor not only the nurses who were nominated for these awards, but also all of the nurses who care for our patients and for us throughout our years of residency.”

Eleven winners were selected from 59 nominees at BWH, BWFH and the Boston Veteran’s Administration Health System hospital in West Roxbury, where Internal Medicine residents rotate.

BWH Recipients:

Monica Crowley, MSN, RN
Cardiology, Shapiro 9/10

Stewart Fenniman, RN
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Shapiro 9 East

Lindsey Mansfield, BSN, RN, PCCN
General Medicine Services, Tower 14CD

Caroline Melia, RN
nurse care coordinator, Brigham and Women’s Advanced Primary Care Associates, South Huntington

Alice Morrison, MSN, RN
nurse care coordinator, Care Coordination

Maria Schaller, RN
Medical Intensive Care Unit, Tower 3BC

John Solman, BSN, RN
Integrated Teaching Unit, Tower 10BA

Nori Vincitorio, MSN, RN
Oncology/BMT, Tower 6A