Boston Marathon 2017
This is the second installment in a weekly series profiling runners participating in this year’s Boston Marathon on behalf of BWH.

Richard Baum

Growing up in Newton, just minutes away from the Boston Marathon route, Richard Baum, MD, always enjoyed cheering on the thousands of participants who would run by him each Patriots Day. In just a few weeks, he’ll be hearing those cheers once again, but this time they’ll be for him and the thousands of other runners participating in this year’s Boston Marathon.

“I’m very inspired by all of the runners who support causes that are important to them,” said Baum, medical director of the Division of Angiography and Interventional Radiology. “On race day, I’m looking forward to drawing that inspiration from other runners around me.”

Baum, who has worked at the Brigham for 15 years, is participating in his first marathon with BWH’s Stepping Strong Marathon Team on April 17. He has been inspired by Gillian Reny and her family, who established The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at BWH. Reny, a 2013 Boston Marathon bombing survivor, received lifesaving care at BWH after the bombings and established the center with her family to fuel research and clinical programs to advance trauma healing.

“Gillian and her family have turned tragedy into hope,” Baum said. “Their optimism and passion to help others who face obstacles in life have really resonated with me.”

In addition to supporting the Stepping Strong Center’s mission, Baum says he is running as a way to express his gratitude for everything his Interventional Radiology colleagues do to care for patients.

“I am fortunate to work with a wonderful group of skilled health care professionals at the Brigham,” he said. “I am motivated each day by the hard work and dedication of the entire Interventional Radiology team. We are intimately involved in advancing trauma care and were also part of the response team after the Boston Marathon bombings.”

Baum has enjoyed getting to know other members of this year’s Brigham team. Except for a few bitterly cold and snowy days, training this winter hasn’t been too challenging, he said. In fact, he added, getting through the more difficult runs makes Marathon Monday all the more exciting and special.

“The training during the Boston winter helps you develop mental toughness,” Baum said. “You forget about the weather and all of the other external factors when you join your teammates each weekend for training runs. I’ve met some incredible people throughout this journey whom I know I’ll be friends with long after the marathon is finished.”

He praised the Brigham team’s coach, John Furey, and many others who have helped Baum become a more confident runner who is ready to tackle the 26.2-mile route.

“I can’t wait to cross the finish line,” Baum said. “I couldn’t imagine running for any other team.”

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