nabel2My shining moment isn’t just one moment – it’s the countless instances throughout the year when staff do something special to lift the spirits of patients, their families and our colleagues. Whether it’s a smile, the squeeze of a hand or a grander gesture, like giving a patient who had missed her train a ride home, the acts of kindness and compassion of staff make our very large institution feel warm and welcoming for those we serve.

We celebrate the ways staff go above and beyond through the Brigham Way, and several times a year, Brigham Way nominees gather for a luncheon in their honor. My favorite part of the luncheon is when each person shares why he or she was recognized. While I am always aware of what special people make up the fabric of our institution, these gatherings are powerful reminders of the countless wonderful things BWHers do every day to help those in need.

Betsy Nabel, MD
President, Brigham and Women’s Health Care