A shining moment in 2016 was when I had a patient come in asking for a medication refill. After I helped place the medication refill, he asked if I could call the Pharmacy to see how much it would cost out of pocket. As an immigrant, he had difficulty navigating the health care system. He was also scared because he had lost his health insurance. I know how it feels to not have health insurance and have a serious condition, so I told him to hold on one moment.

I ran to another side of my center and grabbed a good prescription health insurance card that one of our nurse practitioners has in her exam rooms. I gave him instructions, advising that I have used it before, so I know it works. BWH does not accept that insurance plan, so we sent the prescription to his local pharmacy. With this coverage, we saved him 80 percent on the medication.

As he was leaving, he told me that God sent me to him to help. He had been worried how he would pay for his prescription and asked if he could pray for me. I stood there and realized that just going a little out of my way can help one person more than we can imagine. I did not do it for recognition. I did it because I put myself in his shoes and know that some things cannot be controlled, and all we can do is move forward and wish for the best. I always say that I come to work to make a difference in one person’s life a day. If I can help at least one person, my job is done. Thank you, Brigham, for bringing out the best of me!

Kimberly Ruiz
Medical Assistant II, Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care