In our research unit, we frequently need equipment and supplies obtained throughout different areas within BWH. I recently went with one of our team members, Caroline Rogalski, of the Center for Clinical Investigation, on some of her routine errands around the hospital. I was immediately, pleasantly and immensely surprised and touched how, on every path she took, numerous individuals stopped their work to say hello to her – from the sterilization center in Shapiro L3 to Tower 9, staff members in Pharmacy, L2 kitchen, among many others. All acknowledged her with a heartfelt smile. I always appreciate Caroline as a diligent, creative and positively minded team member, but I never realized how many people she interacted with on a daily basis.

It reminded me how the Brigham is a large hospital but functions as a small community – and how much a pleasant smile and acknowledgement by a familiar face can have such a positive impact for all.

Leigh Keating, MS, RD, LDN, CBDT
Director of Nutrition Research, Center for Clinical Investigation