BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S FAULKNER HOSPITAL PLASTIC SURGEON MATTHEW CARTY OPERATES ON PATIENT JIM EWING TUESDAY JULY 20 2016I have the privilege of observing firsthand the many triumphs – and, sadly, occasional tragedies – that occur across this amazing institution every day. For me, the common in these experiences is the way each person who commits to our precious mission genuinely cares for our patients, their families and one another.

As I reflect on the lives saved, wounds healed, illnesses cured, babies nurtured, innovations developed and the mysteries of science uncovered, it’s the people involved and the relationships they forge that truly touch my heart. One such shining moment occurred this summer, in an OR at BWFH, as Dr. Matt Carty was getting ready to perform a first-of-its-kind amputation. As the patient was about to be anesthetized, Dr. Carty stopped, took the patient’s hand, looked into his eyes and said a few quiet words to him. The patient quietly responded, and as the embrace lingered, I realized I was witnessing in that moment what for me typifies the Brigham Way. It wasn’t about roles or credentials or expertise – it was about human connection and one individual doing everything possible to improve the life of another.

Erin McDonough, MBA
Senior Vice President, Chief Communication Officer, BWHC