There’s no bad blood between staff members in the BWH Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, even as they engage in a blood drive competition organized by the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center.

The drive, which began June 15 and ends Sept. 2, pits “Team OB” against “Team GYN,” with each side contending to see whose staff members can donate the most blood or platelets. This isn’t a winner-take-all scenario, though, as both teams can earn prizes.

All donated blood and platelets are used to treat patients at Brigham and Women’s/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The Kraft Center works with teams to determine the appropriate goal and gift for each department. Prizes can range from b.good restaurant gift cards to a cupcake party featuring desserts from local bakery Georgetown Cupcakes.

The friendly competition will help to replenish the center’s blood supply and meet the continual demand, which is especially challenging during the summer months due to vacations, according to Justin Solle, blood donor recruiter with the KFBDC.

Even those who are unable to donate can still support their teams during the challenge, Solle says.

“People who may be afraid of needles, for example, can serve as motivators in their department,” he said. “Many people who have never donated blood say it’s because they have never been asked, so those who are not donating can still be of great help by simply asking their peers to participate.”

To schedule a time to donate for Team OB or Team GYN, or to schedule a competition for your department, email or call 617-632-3026.