As part of ongoing efforts to improve Partners eCare, our Epic-based electronic health record system, a system-wide upgrade will take place Oct. 22.

The update will move PeC to a newer version of Epic’s software platform. This version will address functionality issues identified by Partners HealthCare, in addition to incorporating changes based on feedback from Epic users nationwide, including those at BWH.

While many of the upgrades focus on making the system more user-friendly, they also include several enhanced or new features:

  • Patient access services: Automatically populate more information on document SmartForms.
  • Inpatient providers: Show more information on patient lists, using column blocks.
  • Inpatient nursing: Review past and present LDA information in chart review.
  • Ambulatory providers: Place orders directly from In Basket messages.
  • Ambulatory providers: Built-in chart review quick filters show a user’s relevant information quickly.

In addition, the updates will include moving to the Radiant module for radiology. Radiology exam ordering will remain the same, but all scheduling workflows will now be completed within PeC.

The BWHC PeC team will provide more details in the coming weeks about system improvements, as well as what to expect for training materials and support. For more information, PeC users should contact their department administrators.