BWH Partial Pike Closure, June 9–20

From now until Monday, June 20, the second-floor Tower elevator stop and area near the BWH Cafeteria will be closed off in order for the next phase of the Pike Improvement Project to take place. Pike traffic will be directed to the “link” corridor in the ASB and Amory sides of the lobby; elevator traffic will be directed to the escalator; and traffic from the “K” and “M” elevators to the first-floor lobby and first-floor Tower elevator stop. The new design will provide wider corridors at this often congested location and better traffic flow, along with some seating options and updated finishes, lighting and signage. The Shop on the Pike will remain open during the construction period, but access will only be available through the mezzanine side.

Partners in Helping You Quit

Medication to help smokers cut down on or quit smoking is available with no co-pay to Partners employees and their adult dependents. The benefit includes non-prescription nicotine patches, gum and lozenges, as well as prescription drugs. BWH employees and their adult dependents are also invited to enroll in the free Partners in Helping You Quit (PiHQ) research study designed to help smokers cut down on and quit smoking. To learn more, call 617-724-2205 or email

AMMP Scholarship Award Applications
BWH and BWFH employees enrolled in a career-related, undergraduate or professional certificate program are encouraged to apply for the 2016 Association of Multicultural Members of Partners Scholarship Award. The application deadline is Monday, July 25. Visit to learn more and to access the application.