As the days get longer and the weather warms up, the number of people strolling around the Longwood Medical Area increases. Walking is great for one’s health and the environment, but before you lace up your sneakers, BWH reminds employees to be aware and alert while walking outside around the hospital, as pedestrians are among the most vulnerable users of the road.

Personal safety involves hearing, sight and sensory perception, so be on the lookout for traffic lights, walking signals and verbal instructions from police officers. Obey signals while walking, and use designated crosswalks while crossing the street. It’s safest to walk on a sidewalk, but if one is not available, walk in the shoulder lane, facing traffic.

Avoid distractions such as electronic devices that take your attention off the road. If you use headphones to listen to music while walking, your hearing may be impaired, so be extra cautious in your travels. Additionally, thieves target cell phone users who are distracted by their phone.

If you are walking after dark, increase your visibility by wearing reflective clothing or using a flashlight or light source from your phone. Employees can request a Security escort to and from the Mission Park Garage at any time by calling 617-732-6565 or by stopping at the Security booth inside the garage or at the front of the Emergency Department.

Staff should report safety concerns by telling a manager or calling Security at 617-732-6565. For non-urgent concerns, email