Many BWH staffers are breaking out their bicycles as warm weather approaches, but before you take off on two wheels, make sure you’re locking your bike properly so that it doesn’t get stolen.

The Longwood area was hit hard by bike thefts last year, said Robert Chicarello, director of Security at BWH. Many of the bike thefts that have occurred in the past were due to people only locking their bike’s front tire to a stationary object, he explained.

“Thieves can easily remove the front tire and steal the rest of a bike,” Chicarello said.

Here are a few more tips from Chicarello and the National Bike Registry to help prevent bike theft:

  • The best way to secure your bike frame is with a U-lock, rather than a cable lock. U-locks made from hardened steel provide better protection for your bike, as they cannot be cut as easily as cable locks.
  • Position the U-lock so that it goes through the bike frame and rear wheel.
  • Only secure your bike to a cemented or anchored rack or pole. Avoid securing it to anything that can be easily damaged or cut, such as a small tree or chain-link fence.
  • If possible, use multiple locks—for example, both a U-lock and a cable lock.
  • Never leave your bike unlocked, even if you’re running into a building for “just a minute.”
  • Arranging the U-lock so that the keyhole points to the ground makes it more difficult for thieves to access and pick the lock.

For even more security, there is a bicycle cage on the ground floor of the 5 Francis St. garage that is open 24/7. The cage is equipped with a card reader, cameras and alarms to ensure your bike is safe at all hours. With the opening of the BBF later this year, there will be a new large, secure bike cage in the garage and shower facilities nearby.

For more information or to sign up to use either of the cages, visit the Security and Parking office in the Neville House on Vining Street. Call Security and Parking at 617-732-5877 with questions.

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