BWH Security reminds employees not to let people they don’t know into restricted areas at BWH.

Piggybacking or tailgating—allowing a person or persons to enter an area that requires ID badge access—has become a growing problem at BWH and has the potential to put others and their belongings at risk, says Security and Parking Director Bob Chicarello.

Although such persons are most often employees or visitors with legitimate business at BWH, there have been a few recent cases in which individuals have followed employees into restricted areas and have stolen various items, including wallets.

Chicarello said oftentimes employees who have access to restricted areas will swipe or tap their ID badge at a door or in an elevator to gain access to a secure location and will hold the door open for someone who is walking behind them, out of courtesy. However, this can be problematic since the individual may not have their own access to enter the area.

If someone you do not know attempts to follow you into an area that requires an ID badge swipe, such as some of our building entrances, and isn’t able to present a BWH-issued ID badge, please do not let them in, said Chicarello. Instead, tell them that they are attempting to enter a restricted area and direct them to one of the Security desks in the hospital or the main lobby information desk at 75 Francis St. for further assistance. If the person challenges you, call Security at 617-732-6565 and an officer will come to the location.

“If you witness something happening that doesn’t feel right to you, please say something,” said Chicarello.