A New Way to Report Phishing
Partners HealthCare recently introduced a “Report Phishing” button in Microsoft Outlook on Partners private-build desktops and mobile-build laptops. The button will make it easier for users to report suspicious emails to the Partners Information Security team. Whenever you receive an email that you think is a phishing attempt, do not open or reply to the message. Highlight the message in your inbox and click the “Report Phishing” button now located on your Outlook toolbar. After reporting, select “OK” and a screen message confirms your submission to nospam@partners.org. If you do not see the “Report Phishing” button, manually forward the message as attachment to nospam@partners.org. Learn more.

Cambridge Science Festival, April 20
Explore the science behind allergies to food, medication and the environment. BWH investigators will present their groundbreaking discoveries in allergy research and discuss how these discoveries will impact patient care. This event, hosted by the Brigham Research Institute, will be held Wednesday, April 20, 5–7 p.m., in Bornstein Amphitheater and is open to the public. Visit bwhresearch.org/cambridge-science-festival/ to register.

Quality Rounds, April 21

BWHC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ron M. Walls, MD, will present “The Journey to Safety” on Thursday, April 21, noon–1 p.m., in Bornstein Amphitheater. Join a live webcast by visiting bwhedtech.partners.org/programs/live/quality beginning at 11:45 a.m. on April 21.

Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, May 8

Join BWH’s Center for Community Health and Health Equity to walk for peace, justice and renewal of spirit on Sunday, May 8, at the Town Field Park in Dorchester. Visit mothersdaywalkforpeace.org for more information, including how to join BWH’s team.