Giorgio Giatsidis

Giorgio Giatsidis

Researcher Giorgio Giatsidis, MD, of the Department of Surgery, is running this year’s Boston Marathon as a member of the BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team. His motivation: honoring patients affected by traumatic wounds.

“My patients are my life,” said Giatsidis. “I wanted to run the Boston Marathon to pay tribute to anyone who has ever suffered from a traumatic wound and to raise awareness of innovative research and clinical programs at BWH that are helping to advance trauma healing.”

Giatsidis, a native of Milan, Italy, is a plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He’s also a researcher, who is currently focused on trauma-related issues and, in particular, methods to reconstruct damaged soft tissues and improve the chance of tissue survival.

After hearing Boston Marathon bombing survivor Gillian Reny’s story of hope and perseverance, Giatsidis was inspired to raise funds to advance trauma research and clinical care. Giatsidis says he has enjoyed the challenge of training for his first marathon and getting to know his teammates. Come race day, he’s excited to run along the historic route and witness the energetic crowds cheering runners on.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to assist a large number of patients affected by trauma,” said Giatsidis. “It has meant so much to me to be able to support them and help them get back to their lives. When I’m running on Marathon Monday, I’ll be thinking about Gillian and all of the other patients who have experienced trauma. These stories are what drive me to be a better physician, researcher and person.”

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